Thursday, March 08, 2007

Good Ole' Normal Romney: The Qualified Candidate

Mitt Romney really impresses me in candid moments like these. At the Conservative Political Action Conference, he stopped at blogger's row and answered questions like this:

He is so down to earth and comfortable, yet is careful to present a message.

Of course, on that note, I should now tell you to contribute something to his campaign. Political fundraising is a very democratic process, and it is an opportunity for us to vote long before the election day.

Seriously... go make a contribution, large or small. It does make a difference!

1) Go to and click "Contribute Now"
2) Fill in the information requested (you must put an employer/occupation if you give more than $200)
3) Under Fundraiser ID put the number 285000 (so I can keep track of how much we've raised).
4) Submit your contribution, and get a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside.

I have never been this involved in a political campaign before, and I never realized how important fundraising is. And, contrary to popular believe, political fundraising is a very populist and democratic process. No matter how many millionaire friends a candidate has, they still have to raise money $2,300 at a time.

In that case, even the smallest donation makes a difference.

I'm sorry for my political kick for the day. But, seriously... contribute to Romney... he's worth it.

That is all.


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