Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Yep... I'm one of those people...

I found out this showed on the Simpsons recently... and I laughed heartily... because I am one of those people...

Yep... I'm enamoured with Steve Mobs... Jobs... whatever his name is. Yet, I do find the trendiness of the Apple universe to be quite entertaining. I have met every one of these people (many of them when I was making a "pilgrimage" to the Apple store)... and may have been a few of them at some point. But, at least I can claim to be one of the long-time fans... not one of these new trend followers. I owned a SECOND Generation iPod. So there!

Even as they mock, the Simpsons make good references. I loved the 1984 commercial (with the hammer throw) and the two iPod posters.

Good stuff... good stuff.

That is all.