Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It's a (Political) Party, and You're Invited

As the 2004 Presidential Election cycle finally comes to a close, there is a lot of talk about the nature of America's two political parties (at least, the two important ones). The 2008 Elections have already begun, and people are already jockying for position.

I've always tried to be a political neutral. I'm genetically republican, but I didn't just want to vote for a party because my parents vote for that party.

I vote Republican because the candidates of that party most accurately represent what I want. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have a monopoly on good ideas or good people. The important distinction is not "Who belongs to what party?" it is "Who represents me best?"

The Party

At the core, what is a Political Party? It is a aggregation of the beliefs, values, wants, ideas, desires, and dreams of every person who participates. The Political Party is (ideally) a gigantic mirror representing what tons of people thing is important.

But, aren't some people better represented than others? Yes. Why? Becuase they are the ones speaking the loudest. Those who to participate more get heard more. That's just the way life is, my friend.

So, Now What?

I'm a religious person who was raised in a strong family (for which I am very thankful). I have strong values that make me who I am, and I want those values represented in government. What? You mean you have ideas you want represented too? Why don't we march on Washington and have a huge demonstration! Wouldn't that be worthwhile?


Personally, I think large demonstrations aren't very effective. They do more to annoy traffic than really change policy.

On the contrary, if you want ideas represented, get involved with a political party. I don't care if it is Republican or Democrat. If you present values that you think are good and important... that is all that matters. Both parties need people with strong values. They need to hear voices of the moderate public. If we don't say anything, we are letting both parties be controled by the active and radical extremes.

Recently I went to a Conservative Political Action Conference. And, let me say, that was one of the weirdest groups of people I've seen outside a Star Trek Convention. My friend who wandered around with me, a very kind hearted young lady, summarized the experience thusly: "I'm glad to see that neither political party has a monopoly on crazy people."

Nope... neither party is lacking in nuts. But both parties are seriously lacking in normal people. Both political parties need people that represent the moderate majority of American values.

So, Party On! Get out and be politically active. Politics isn't just for corrupt, money-hungry, millionaires anymore! Politics is for you and me.

After all... that's what Democracy is all about.

That is all.

Horatio for President.