Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry Kerfuffle: All Caught on Tape

Ok... by now everybody knows that Kerry was dumb enough to say this:

His explanation was that he meant to say that if you don't get an education and study hard, you will end up leading us into a war in Iraq (a war the he voted for... then against... then for... then against). Ok... may I point out that BUSH HAD A HIGHER GPA THAN KERRY AT YALE!!! Does anybody remember this? He is playing the intellectual card... when his grades were worse than Bush's! Who is uneducated here???

Since this obvious misspeak, politicians on both sides of the political spectrum have asked that he apologize. Actually, Republicans have been demanding that he apologize, Democrats have begged him to apologize. Both sides are seeking political gain/rescue.

In fact, "Imus in the Morning" did this to Kerry today:

Now, this post was not just my opportunity to post YouTube videos... I want to make a legitimate point:

Since he got himself into this mess, Kerry has refused to apologize to the troops, claiming that he "botched a joke" when trying to criticize the President. Excuse me? Did we ask you to apologize to George W. Bush? NO!! To me, it does not matter what you meant to say. Mr. Kerry, you said something stupid.

It doesn't matter WHY Kerry said what he did... or what he was TRYING to say. The fact is: he insulted the United States Military Service Men and Women during a time of war (again). If he truly meant to say something else, why isn't he humble enough to apologize???

In my opinion, there can be only two reasons that Kerry has not apologized to the Troops:
1) He is too ignorant and prideful to admit that he does, in fact, make mistakes.
2) He actually believes what he said.

Mr. Kerry, you can say what you want about the President of the United States, even in a time of war. But, you do NOT say something that stupid about our troops. I don't care what you think of the President or the War itself... but you should apologize to the military and beg their forgiveness.

And, Americans are a forgiving people. The only time we REALLY get mad is when somebody is covering something up.

In the meantime, Kerry is getting punished for his arrogance (a quality which lost him the Presidency). Democratic candidates are cancelling his visits. He is leaving the Democratic party in a horrible situation just a few days before their expected triumph.

I guess if the Democrats fail to take control of congress on Tuesday, they can blame John Kerry for losing both the 2004 and 2006 elections. Hey... maybe he can make it three in a row and botch 2008 as well.

This is what we call an "October Surprise."

That is all.


Post Script...

I found this video on YouTube of Dennis Miller commenting on the 2004 election. Personally, I think his analysis is dead spot on about the election. I don't really agree with his dismissive nature about Iraq, but we're allowed to disagree. Regardless, I think it is worth watching.

((CAUTION: Dennis Miller is not performing at BYU or on Network Television. His word choice is a little more colorful than usual. If you are offended by the occasional curse word, I invite you to not watch this video))