Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Dilemma

Well... Super-Duper-Tsunami-Fat Tuesday just passed like a steamroller in a rubber-band factory, and the general consensus is that nobody won. But, one thing is becoming much more clear: Mitt Romney is not likely to win.

That's very sad, because I still think he is (by far) the best candidate in the race. I mean, nobody else combines conservative values with executive experience and a gigantic brain. So, on the Republican side, we are left with a choice between a dishonest, cancerous, cantankerous, angry, American Hero with post-traumatic stress-disorder and a dishonest, fake, bigoted, vindictive, gutless former Baptist preacher whose only executive accomplishment was losing 150 pounds while in office.

Sounds like a great choice to me... NOT.  Then someone sent me this article about John McCain's military career, which makes me question the title of "American Hero".   It turns out he may also be a heavy-drinking, party-loving, womanizing Navy brat.

Figures. That seems to fit a lot of my observations.  (Of course, for suffering in Vietnam, he will always be an American hero... but that does NOT mean he should be President.)

Mitt Romney is going to continue in this race for now, but I can't see him lasting until September (unless McCain has a heart attack). So, I am starting to prepare (emotionally) for his departure.

What is a guy to do??

I've looked at a few numbers, not the least of which was this interesting statistic. According to TIME Magazine's Swampland blog, out of the 19 states which had both a Democrat and Republican primary race on Super-Duper Tuesday:

14,460,149 people voted for a Democrat (Obama/Clinton)
8,367,694 people voted for a Republican (McCain/Romney/Huckabee)

That's right kids, 73% MORE people voted for a Democrat on Tuesday than a Republican. So, if you look around at the 11 people in your vicinity, imagine that SEVEN of them voted for Obama or that crazy chick and four of them voted for a Republican candidate (only one of which should have a chance at this).

With that sobering thought, I will finally make this prediction out loud (or, in this case, into my computer): A Democrat will win in 2008.

(This is all the more likely if the Republican party puts John McCain at the top of their ticket. I just can't wait to see the profanities he uses on a more confrontational press corps.)

So, once again...

Who should be the next President of the United States? (altered based on a very limited field).

In this case, we have two choices:
  1. an inexperienced, young Senator who is an excellent, inspirational speaker and talks about unity--and the American Dream
  2. a crazy old Senator who's entire campaign is based on "beating the Republican attack machine." Oh... this Senator has experience, but all the WRONG experience.

I will argue that one of those two people will be the next President of the United States. I am not happy about it. Neither is my first choice. In fact, for a long time both were my LAST choice (but McCain and Huckabee recently crashed the "last choice" party).

So, unless Mitt Romney makes an amazing comeback in the next few weeks, I am supporting Barack Obama for President in 2008.

There are a few reasons behind my choice... not all of them have to do with Barack Obama's qualities:

  1. I find John McCain entirely unfit to be the President of the United States. While I generally vote Republican, I will not support John McCain (I may acquiesce to John McCain if the only other choice has a Rodham in her name)
  2. Hillary Clinton scares me. And, although Barack Obama has a more liberal voting record than Hillary does, he doesn't scare me.
  3. Despite his positions on many issues, I believe Barack and Michelle Obama to be honest and family-centered people. That is important to me--the President of the United States must be faithful to his wife and children if I ever expect him to be faithful to me.
  4. Barack Obama is an AMAZING speaker, and inspires people to follow him.  I mean, take a look at this piece (interpreted by Will-i-am of the Black Eyed Peas):

Once again, this only comes in anticipation of losing the one person in this race most qualified to be the President: Mitt Romney.

So, while I will cast my vote for Barack Obama in November, my eyes look forward to 2012.

My Mitt Romney bumper sticker may stay right where it is.

That is all.