Friday, September 07, 2007

Bobble-Head Fred

So... Fred Thompson has finally declared he is a candidate for President. And, so far, I am really unimpressed.

Take a look at his first TV ad (announcing his announcement):

To quote a good friend of my family (who is more actively conservative than I):
"I just looked at the ad. ...Thompson's head movements are so distracting, I don't know what the dickens he said. I watched it twice.

I guess you can call him bobble-head Fred."

The man that is supposed to be the next Ronald Reagan seems to have a really interesting nervous tick. Beyond the fact that he was a mediocre senator who didn't really accomplish much and he has absolutely no executive experience... he doesn't seem to be that good of a natural actor!

It gets even worse--his announcement video was a continuation of the same thing. You can watch it here.

Are you asleep yet? Do you realize that the video is FIFTEEN MINUTES LONG!?!?

So, yes... Fred Thompson is now in the race. And, so far, he is as lackluster as we had expected him to be. Ladies and Gentlemen who tend to vote Republican: THIS IS NOT THE REINCARNATION OF RONALD REAGAN.

I'm sorry... I know we hate to hear this. But, Bobble-Head Fred is not the guy I want running this country.

That is all.