Monday, March 19, 2007

Crazy Horatio Podcast

I am starting to formulate the ideas for a podcast. I think it may be easier to present some of my rants with my own voice. But, I haven't quite decided if I am up to it.

SO, I'm wondering... would there be any intereste in HEARING the infamous (self-declared) Horatio present his rants in his actual voice? Of course, I would probably write them all out at the same time, just to be anal. But, what do you think?

Post in the comments for me... if Horatio had a podcast, do you think you would listen?

That is all.


(I await your comments)


Handy or Not said...

I'm fascinated by the idea, but I have never listened to any podcast, so to be honest, I probably wouldn't listen. Yet.

Unknown said...

I'd listen if it was funny. And easy to listen to -- I recommend embedding it in your blog or something. I think Odeo does that.

Sporadic said...

Of course I would listen! :) Sorry I haven't checked in for a while--life is, as always, crazy.

Hope things are going well!