Friday, April 01, 2005

What the Heffalump is a "Snow Emergency"?

Ok, I know I am a little biased on this subject becuase I grew up in the mountains. But... why are people so afraid of snow?! I mean, a little bit of snow falls... the roads get a little wet... and everybody's judgement skills go to pot.

If you ever drive around in Washington DC, you will notice signs on various posts talking about a "Snow Emergency." You would laugh... until it snows in Washington DC.

THE ENTIRE METRO AREA SHUTS DOWN at even the hint of incoming snow. School is cancelled, the government sends non-emergency people home, traffic is horrible... even the grocery stores get ransacked of non-pershible food and toilet paper.

Um... people... it's going to SNOW. Why do you need a year's supply of toilet paper if it is going to snow tomorrow?? The snow will, in fact, melt... and it will most likely melt the next day.

Now, you all have to understand that I grew up in the mountains. School was never cancelled unless we got a storm of biblical proportions. And what did we do when school was cancelled? We slept in for another hour, threw on our gear and went for the slopes. Snow days were blissful... no school, great skiing!

So, pardon me if I am a little confused by the whole Snow Emergency concept. Earlier this year every school in the DC Metro area cancelled classes just because snow was forcasted. How much snow did we get? Um... none. About 4 flakes fell pensively from the sky around noon. Otherwise... it was just a cold cloudy day. I learned that day that a Snow Emergency doesn't even require snow... just the HINT of POTENTIAL snow.

Anyways... I'm perplexed. But, thankfully Spring is approaching quickly and we won't have to deal with this emergency junk anymore...


Heaven forbid...

Snow comes NEXT year!!!! (Insert dramatic music here).

Thank heavens for my SUV.

That is all.