Saturday, January 19, 2008

State o' the Race (in stream of consciousness style)

Wow... isn't this FUN??? Actually, this primary has been just super interesting! And, it has had the other effect of entirely turning me off of political ambitions. But, more on that later.

I dedicated 3 weeks straight to supporting Mitt Romney in Iowa and New Hampshire. And, I decided that I must be the bad egg, so I stayed home for Michigan. Turns out, I might have been right. In the meantime, sometime I'll write about how inane the Iowa caucus system happens to be...

Boy, do I have a LOT to write about. I think I'm going to set this up to take posts from my new iPhone, just so I can send thoughts when they come to me in the future. So, look for random thoughts from Horatio's iPhone.

But, for now, I strongly recommend: Ann Coulter's amazingly insightful comment called The Elephant in the Room. She does a pretty good, insightful job outlining the GOP Primary.

As of today, I need to remind you that Mitt Romney is the leader in the GOP race. Of course, you will not hear that on most news channels. But, he has won THREE states (WY, MI, NV) and has the most delegates of any candidate.

This race is far from over, and it's going to get very interesting from here on out.

Florida is January 29th, and it is the one chance Rudy Giuliani has to restore his front-runner status.

Basically, unlike previous elections where Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina decided the nominee: Florida is the key race in the Republican Primary.

A few random thoughts...

Huckabee is Dead: The man cannot appeal to any group outside of Evangelical Christians. Why? Because his only qualification to be POTUS is the fact that he's a Baptist preacher. He cannot do anything but be the ant-Mormon candidate. After all, his only real accomplishment as Governor of Arkansas was losing 150 pounds.

McCain LOOKs Dead, but could drag the Grand Olde Party down with him: I'm sorry, but I really think John McCain is NUTS. And, he's on the wrong side of EVERY issue. Yes, he is a great American hero... and we honor him for that. But, I don't think I want a President who spent that much time being tortured in a cement box, no matter how grateful I am for what he sacrificed. I want competance in the Oval Office. But, mark my words, if John McCain is the nominee, a Democrat will win the White House... and we can just stop invoking Ronald Reagan at that point... because John McCain does not represent what I believe.

Romney is still in the Game: Yep, I think my guy can still win this. If he wins Florida, going head-to-pockmarked-head with John McCain, I think Romney becomes the GOP nominee. And, we're all in this through November.

Of course, if Romney is not the nominee... I may find myself voting for Obama. I mean, at least Barak is talking about the greatness of America. He's a socialist, but at least he's a socialist who inspires people (hmm... did they say that about Lenin or Hitler?)

In the end, here is the order of people I think I would vote for to be the next President of the United States (out of the viable candidates from both parties):

Mitt Romney
(insert huge space here, because really nobody in this race even compares... not even the infamous Ron Paul)
Rudy Giuliani
Barak Obama
John McCain
(insert huge space here)
- Hillary Clinton (evil incarnate)
- Mike Huckabee (wolf in sheep's clothing--I don't think I've seen a more incompetent, dishonest, fake man in my political life)
Ron Paul (the man who turned "constitution" into a swear word)

So, there you have it.

That is all.


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