Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Why Donate to a Political Candidate?

Dear Fans and Friends,

Today, my personal favorite to become the next President of the United States of America took his first campaign steps. He filed with the FEC for an "exploratory committee". What is an "exploratory committee"? It is just a way for a candidate to raise money while he waits to make a big public announcement.

Now, I invite you all to do something very important: Donate Money to Mitt Romney for President

Yes... money is a precious thing for all of us. But, I'd like to tell you WHY I think we should donate to good political candidates. Each of us has a right to vote every election in a ballot box. But, who chooses the person who makes it on that ballot? Such decisions come in Primary Elections. And, to win a Primary election, you need money. Money lets a candidate buy TV time to express his or her ideas to more people. It lets him travel to listen to voters so he can represent him fairly.

For a citizen, donating money to a Political Candidate is an opportunity to VOTE for that candidate, long before everybody else does. You can say: "This is the man for the job." And, a donation helps him get on that ballot and into the job.

Now, I really think that Mitt Romney is THE man for the job. Unless something crazy happens, I think he has a chance to win. And, no man deserves it more.

So, as your friend and trusted omniscient, I invite you to visit Mitt Romney's Fundraising Website and make a donation to his campaign. Now matter how rich or poor you are, the maximum you can donate to a candidate during a campaign is $2,100. Considering Bush '04 raised almost $275 million in individual donations (each under $2000 at the time), it is important to get many people involved.

It is easy:
1) Go to
2) Fill in your contact information.
3) In the section "Were you referred by a friend?" click on the "Yes" button and type 285000 (that is my donor number... so I get credit for referring you to Mitt)
4) Using your credit card, pick an amount you would like to donate to the Mitt Romney campaign.

Don't fret if you can't donate $2,100... because every dollar makes a difference. Donate as much as you can.

I promise you that the return on this investment will be worthwhile. You have my guarantee!

That is all.

Horatio the Fundraiser... who believes in a candidate for the first time in his life!

PS: If you want to learn more about Mitt Romney, you can now visit his official campaign website: for more detailed information on who he is and what he believes. I think you'll like what you see!!

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