Saturday, January 06, 2007

Same Sex Marriage: Re-Framing the Issue to take back the moral high ground

In response to Malach the Merciless and his rather odd rant about Gay Marriage on the Wand of Wonder (another blog to which I occasionally contribute)


First of all, Massachusetts did not make gay marriage a law. A panel of judges decided to interpret the constituion in such a way to allow marriage between two partners of the same sex. They left it up to the elected body to amend the constitution to clarify it (as was proper). The legislature (which seems to have become more and more radical over time) has balked and refused to even consider the amendment. So, Romney did something else allowed by the constitution: he went to the people.

It doesn't matter who the 170,000 signatures were... they were in favor of constitutional action so that Boston didn't become the homosexual Las Vegas. The funny thing about democracy is: the majority still has a say.

As for the Gay Marriage issue, it is not a matter of civil rights. Same-sex marriage should not be framed as an adult civil right... because marriage is about family and child rearing. Studies over and over show that for a child to develop properly, he needs the influence of both a Mother and Father. Same-sex couples have been successful parents, but statistically they are no more effective than single-parent households at raising well-adjusted children.

So, legalizing Gay marriage is not just about civil rights. It is about protecting a centuries-old successful instituion that has been the basis of society... um... forever. This is not about descriminating against people who choose to practice homosexuality. It is about protecting the fundamental group unit of society (according to the Universal Declration of Human Rights): THE FAMILY. And, it is about protecting children by not legalizing and accepting a less-effective form of child rearing.

As for your reference to the civil rights movement for African Americans, that issue was not decided by the courts. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was past overwhelmingly by both parties. Opposition to the act was regional (with a majority of both Republicans and Democrats in the south). It WAS decided by popular vote. And, so far, the same-sex marriage issue has been decided by a majority of states that have brought a measure to the ballot... decided in favor of traditional marriage.

The problem with secular humanists these days is that they haven't been able to convince the masses that they aren't raving idiots. They sit in NY and LA and DC and MA and assume that everybody agrees with them. Well, I'm sorry: a loud minority is still a minority.

I'm sure you dislike Romney on this issue... but I can't agree with him more. I am all for basic human and civil rights for people who practice homosexuality. But, I will also stand firm that marriage is a basic and fundamental unit that should not be diluted or broken. Not only do I agree with what Romney was doing in Massachusetts, I agree with the way he frames the arguments: in terms of Child rights.

I'm glad the MA legislature finally fulfilled their duty and voted on it. If you hate the law, get out and try to convince people WHY you are right. But, don't go after Romney because he walks the walk.

That is all.


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