Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Rove-ing Around the White House

Since the 2004 Election (and long before that, for that matter), one name has popped up more than any other staff member in the Bush Administration. It's a name that makes the Bitter Left shivver in their boots. Why? Because he is a very good strategist.

That name is Karl Rove. Assistant to the President, Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor.

I got to sit in a meeting with Mr. Rove and ask him a few questions. While others asked him about political movements and strategies, I was curious about him personally.

I asked Mr. Rove how he dealt with all the negative things that people said about him. I was quite interested in his answer.

His response was simple: "Don't make youre life centered around what people say about you." He encouraged us to find our information from a variety of sources and stick with our ideals.

The most interesting thing he said was about President Bush: If you don't believe that the President is a smart, driven, visionary leader... then you have to look for some other explanation. Then he laughed at the idea of being "Bush's Brain."

Needless to say, the person many call the most powerful man in the Adminstration was really quite humble. Imagine that!

That is all.

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