Thursday, February 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Horatio

Yes... today is my birthday. I am now finally twenty and four years old. And, to tell you the truth, 24 really doesn't get you much. I mean, I still can't rent a car. I don't drink... so there isn't much for me to buy. It is just one of those cheap roadside gas station (with dirty toilets) birthdays on the road of life!! And, I think there are a bunch of wild boars wandering around the gas station...

Think of this... if every year of my life were an hour, I would have just finished a very, very, very long day. And I probably wouldn't be sleeping quite yet.

So, on those various subtle levels... I wish you a very Happy My Birthday. It's a new and exciting holiday (...and so close to Singles Awareness Day).

That is all.


Amy said...

Heh - the greatest thing about turning 25 a couple weeks ago was that I can now rent a car for an upcoming visit to a grad school without a surcharge doubling the amount I pay :)

Scott Smith said...

Horatio is a nerd