Thursday, August 21, 2008



This election is driving me nuts.  I spent most of the primary season pulling for a candidate I thought was actually qualified for the job.  And, now I spend the general election season nonplussed by one candidate and really spooked out by the other.

I can't get excited about John McCain.  I think, in the end, I will vote for him... but I'm waiting with bated breath to see whom he chooses as the next VPOTUS (read: please pick Mitt).  He certainly seems to be the most qualified out of the two candidates.

But, every time I talk to my friends, I am blown away by intelligent people who talk about Barack Obama as the next political saviour (yes... the "u" was intentional).  I mean, seriously: who is this guy?

I cannot see any thing in his background that qualifies him to be President of the United States of America---the leader of the free world (yes... that title still applies).  He has no business experience, he has no real record of leadership or organization, and he hasn't really accomplished anything of note in the political world.

Please... somebody with a brain explain to me why he should be President (NOT why you are going to vote for him).

His economic policy prescriptions are miserable and misinformed.  His attitude toward business owners (small and large) is so condescending it is almost laughable.

Now, I do not go as far as some members of my family in calling him evil.  I tend to think that Barack Obama is an honest and well-meaning man.  The fact that he smokes cigarrettes does not really help his case, but I don't believe he is lying (like both Clintons and an Edwards before him).

He's not dishonest... but I do think everything he believes about how this country works is WRONG.  All his commercials about windfall profits and John McCain's homes are so trite and filled with the rhetoric of class warfare.  His wife is even MORE socialist (which is why she is "home" just "tending the kids"... instead of on the road making a fool of herself).

I have some serious ideological issues with Obama.  I thought I could vote for him... once.  I even donated $50 to his campaign (because I wanted him to beat Hillary).  But, I think I'll end up voting for John McCain.

Here's hoping for a McCain-Romney ticket.  In that case, Romney can't lose.

That is all.



Anonymous said...

I recommend reading Obama's book Audacity of Hope to learn more about his career. Although it does ramble at times, you'll learn more about his accomplishments. He ran the Project Vote campaign in Illinois in 1992 and successfully registered about 3/8ths of unregistered African American there. As you probably know too, he was the editor and president of the Harvard Law Review (is that not record of leadership or organization?). Although he doesn't have an extensive background in business, he did have a brief stint doing business research/writing after he got his BA from Columbia, and his mother was one of the early practitioners of what we now call microlending while they lived in Indonesia. He also spent 12 years as a lecturer on constitutional law at University of Chicago (and offered tenure multiple times), so personally I'm impressed that he's accomplished so much at 47. I agree with you on the cigarette issue (does he still smoke?) but everyone has their flaws :)

Anonymous said...

So, what do you think of McCain's choice of Sarah Palin?

And as for the other comment left by the Obama supporter, those "accomplishments" are not good things, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

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