Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I couldn't have said it better... even though I tried...

Back in September, I wrote a post called What Kind of Person Will I Vote For basically outlining the qualities I am looking for when I seek to hire the next President of the United States.

I'll admit, I was a little long-winded, but I got out some important ideas. And, that is when I concluded that I would be supporting Mitt Romney for President (barring some huge revelation to change my mind... which has NOT yet come). I suggest you go back and read it... if you have any thoughts, please let me know.

When Mitt got asked a very similar question in a town hall meeting, and here is the answer:

I rest my case.

That is all.



Royal_npm said...

For the most part, your list of presidential qualifications is sound. I don't think one can ascertain if a candidate really loves his wife, however; all we see on TV and the paper is what they want us to see. Behind closed doors they could be complete strangers, or worse. Toss that qualification out.

I agree the president must have executive experience. You gave that qualification the most attention in your list, and it was at the top. But my mind goes back to the '96 election, Senator Dole vs. Pres. Clinton, who had loads of executive experience as Arkansas governor and, obviously, as U.S. president. But I'm thinking, assuming you were of voting age then, that you went with Dole nonetheless, based on what I know of your views. (Agree or disagree?) I think Senator Dole edged Clinton in a few of your qualifications; in others they were equals, but Clinton's exec experience really should have been the trump card for you.
As for a president being a decision maker and following his gut, I could let Stephen Colbert have a field day with this, but my two cents is this: Bush's following his gut is what got us in this damn Iraq mess. It's what made him nominate Harriet Miers, because, as he said, "I know her heart." He casts logic and fact aside following that gut. A president nearly always has time to get info; if no info, then he must WAIT for info (wartime presidents excluded, though this mess hardly counts as war, and it could have been avoided had he waited for accurate info to begin with). Most of the time that info is on hand. Waiting would have given us more accurate info on WMDs in Iraq. Assuming we were right and there were WMDs, we had no intelligence saying there was an imminent threat, that they were pointed right at us! That's two strikes on us right there. I'll forgive their saying they had solid intelligence, but they didn't have solid intelligence of any imminent threat; such a declaration would have come out of more digging. Had they probed further on their "solid intelligence," they would have discovered there were no WMDs at all. Instead, Bush followed his gut and in we went. God help us if we get another president like that.

Pope Benedict XVI said...

Mitt Romney is a Vampire and a Pagan, voting for him is a sin