Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Talk Clock

My piece on why Mitt Romney CAN win is still in the works (I need some time to prepare for a real good rant).

But, in the meantime, I watched my TiVO'd version of last night's Republican Debate. It was pretty normal. I think Giuliani did a good job, and McCain is on his way out. Outside of his excellent answer to the silly Mormon question (Wolf Blitzer needs a life), Mitt Romney did well, but not outstanding. Hey... I'm Ok. He didn't hurt himself, right now... that's what matters.

But, this was interesting (And I will give props to Democratic Candidate Chris Dodd's campaign for publishing this for BOTH parties):

Besides making entirely idiotic statements, Wolf Blitzer talked WAY too much. I mean, he spoke FAR more than any other candidate. And, he was clearly biased. Like Chris Matthews before him, he couldn't help but present his ideological leanings through the contempt in his voice and questioning.

Overall... it was a ho-hum debate. I am really looking forward to a rumored debate in July... with ONLY THREE CANDIDATES! It will be nice not to watch Paul, Brownback, Gilmore, Tommy Thompson, Tancredo, and Hunter. I might miss Huckabee, however.

Speaking of which, how does Ron Paul have such a vocal internet audience? I mean, every story I read has some idiot making some comment about how Ron Paul should be given more press time. Sheesh... the man makes a fool of himself every time he starts talking. Why would I want to hear MORE from such a one-dimensional candidate??


The only person who had a more difficult time than Wolf Blitzer admitting his narrow-minded political biases was Dr. Ron Paul. He's a Doctor... shouldn't he act more like he is intelligent?

That is all.


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