Thursday, September 15, 2005

President Bush's Speech in New Orleans

This will be a simple post. I want to encourage everyone who comes to this site to take a few moments and read President Bush's speech, delivered Thursday, September 15 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The full text is available at the White House Webpage, and you can access it by clicking HERE

Don't read Media reports about this speech. Go read the speech. Once again President Bush has risen to the task and challenge of leadership.

As President Bush once told me personally in a group setting: at times like this, a President either has it or he doesn't.

He's got it.

That is all.

PS: Might I say on the side that White House Photographer Eric Draper's photographs of the President are amazing, as always. Pay attention to his photos... they are always really good (the ones he can't publish are really cool too).

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Claire said...

Wow, you talked to Pres. Bush personally in a group setting? Very jealous. Thanks for the link to his speech, by the way.